• Steampunk Spider Band performs Electrorachnid Soda Pop

    The Steampunk Spider Band was conceptualized by Jason Ward and Kelley Ward. The band, including the Electro Ball Machine, was then modeled and rigged for animation using Blender. After several checks re-checks and modifications the final scene came together. It was then rendered using Blender's built in rendering software by Ward-Studios.com.

    Electrorachnid Soda Pop is the newest music track composed by Jason Ward. This name was selected due to the electronic pop sound of the new track and pays homage to Ray Lynch and his classic electro pop track, "Celestial Soda Pop".

    A special thank you to all those who helped and / or inspired me in the creation of this video including:

    Kelley Ward ~ Spider concept
    Ray Lynch ~ For his musical influence on me
    Animusic ~ The original master of animated music videos
    Paweł Adamowicz ~ Music animation synchronization script
    Blender Foundation ~ Free modeling and rendering software

    Be sure to watch my other Animated Music Videos:
    Tiny Bouncing Objects 2.0 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkEgm3W5xIg
    Antimatter Raystorm ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxSqOkbiOoY

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